List of Friends of Fun Museums

The Friends of Fun Museums program is a simple list of people and organisations. They have one thing in common: they want museums to shine.

For a context, you can check our Call for Friends, which is always open.

List of Friends of Fun Museums
This theatrical performance illustrated in the 16th century in Antwerp, Belgium reminds of that simple form of collaboration – holding the same basket. (from Rijksmuseum Digitised Collection)

As of February 2, 2021, we have a small but significant list in different categories.


Notice: this list doesn’t equal a mention in any of the Fun Museums programs such as Museums saying Thank You or Art of Discovery. To be on this list, you may contact us, and define a plan of exchange of ideas.

Guest authors

There are literally millions of museums worldwide, and it is impossible to tell so many stories by one person. If we want to make museums shine, we need many museums to shine. For that reason, guest authors are welcome on Fun Museums. If you are interested in becoming one, click here.

So far we have:


There is competition and there are collaborations. One person cannot be alone in a big project, so we all need Friends above all, then serious partners for projects. After all, Friends can be our competitors, since we value a fair competition. The field is big, it needs different players so that everyone gets better. On the other hand, not all the colleagues are competitors, as many of them play on different fields.

  • Slike i Prilike, a museum, history and art blog, Belgrade, Serbia (in Serbian)
  • More is coming

Culture Routes – a special entry to the List of Friends

Working as promotor of a culture route in my own region was quite an important and fulfilling experience for me. For that reason, I decided to make Cultural Routes a special category. For now the only listed cultural route is the one I worked with, but soon I expect more.

  • Putovima Frankopana – The Routes of Frankopans Cultural Route – Lost Castles Tour
  • Who is next?

Creative and Cultural Businesses

I am still in negotiations to include some businesses in the list of Friends. My main goal is provide a good networking for cultural businesses with museums and vice versa. Museums are endless sources of inspiration and interpretation goes well beyond the museums and other institutions. Above all, interpretation works as a marketing tool for businesses and a fuel for an efficient customer services culture. For that reason, I expect to have some businesses on my list of friends soon!

Last but not the least, I am willing to open more categories of Friends for the List. For instance, if a school is willing to join the list, I will make a list of Schools.

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