5 ways to take Instagrammable Museum pictures

Things are not always the way they seem to be in the pictures, but a beautiful picture enhances the memories. When I say “Instagrammable Museum”, I can also say that it’s a “photogenic museum” or something like that. How to take a beautiful picture in a museum?

Visiting a museum is an experience of being present on the site. The same applies to any kind of travels and visits. Pictures can be a nice motivation to visit a place or a nice memory. This article is for some kind of amateur photographers and for Instagrammers who are trying to find a nice way to take pictures in museums. I will also point out what are some common mistakes in taking pictures in museums.

Before starting, you may want to check what are some ethical guidelines for taking photos in museums.

I will show what are some popular pictures I have posted on the Fun Museums Instagram profile during 2017. If you haven’t followed me yet, I recommend you to do so – you will not regret 😀

The image of a space

Nowadays, many museums have their profiles on social media. But, in many cases, it does not mean that they post attractive, photogenic, or, let’s say, Instagrammable pictures.

In order to transmit the feel and experience of being in a particular museum, we need to make a picture immersive. Such an immersive picture makes the viewer want to “enter the picture”. Every museum can be Instagrammable, there are no exceptions. It’s up to us to find ways to make museums Instagrammable.

As visitors who embrace museums, inspired visitors, we can help museums getting more attention from more public, true?

People in Museums

One thing that makes an Instagrammable museum so photogenic are – visitors, of course. Museums are their visitors.

For museum professionals: When showing how they interact with the museum, we show the feeling to potential visitors. By showing the feeling, we make people who already visited our museum(s) remember the moment.

For travel bloggers: Blogging, even when professional, is a personal thing. We write for people who read us, who relate to us. When showing how people feel the presence, we transmit the emotion to our readers.

For photo enthusiasts and museum-goers: This is the way to keep the memory alive. When sharing such a picture on Instagram, don’t forget about the hashtags #funmuseums and #peopleinmuseums

Provoking emotions, feelings, giving goosebumps…

Emotions are important in museums. Most visitors find their own favorite moments or things in museums. Picture may tell stories better than 1000 words. So, an artistic photo is always a nice accessory to remember or to encourage people to join you at the place…

A half of the success is in the good editing. Sometimes it takes time to find the best way to edit a photo and highlight its greatest details or characteristics.


Repeating the first sentence of this article, things are not always what they seem to be. A dose of mystery is a great thing for museums, galleries, heritage spaces… If a photo is published somewhere, online, people who see it should be guessing. So let’s make them guessing. Guessing about the possibilities.

Nothing is stronger than the big curiosity. Never stop exploring.

What is really special in that “Instagrammable Museum”?

To be honest, I find many museums very similar, especially classical museums. Every old-school museum has room after room, with paintings, or statues, or furniture, but only an experienced eye can recognize what museum is in the picture. Only someone who has visited all these museums will maybe remember. Louvre has about 1000 rooms. Forget about remembering all of them.

But, things that make difference make an impact. These things are ideal for museum photos. These photos are perfect to create everything else I pointed out in this article – the image of space, the visiting experience, emotions, and mystery. It’s more or less like this simple tiled wall in one of the castles around Sintra, Portugal.

Call it Instagrammable Museum or something else, this is all about creating great pictures. Maybe just for yourself maybe for publishing.

Instagrammable Museum

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  • what a lovely write up on taking instagrammable pictures from a museum expert! enjyed reading this post, Lana!

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