Which Museums Social Media Sites to follow?

.The fact that museums help our well-being is already widely accepted. Scientists agree that regular visits to museums improve both our mental strength and our physical health. While most people will struggle to find free time to visit museums, and so many great museums are far away from our homes, social media is our friend.

Imagine a cloudy morning, on a bus or train, on the way to work or school. Isn’t it lovely to see such a thing on your Instagram feed? Looking at some pieces of art is likely better for your well being than seeing ordinary Instagram things, such as tasty food, gorgeous beaches, or individuals who you think look better than you.

Let’s reverse that trend of social media depression into a direction of social media museum hype!

Here I come with my five picks, 5 different museums and digital museum personalities. I will use Instagram posts of my choice to illustrate each museum, but each museum has an almost equal presentation on Facebook & Twitter, and some of these museums on YouTube too.

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5. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA

Philadelphia Museum Instagram

This is a creative and lively digital place. The tremendous variety of items presented on these social media sites, from classical to modern art, from colourful to dark schemes, from stories to challenges, is something that enhances our motivation and daily energy. This is a perfect choice for the ones who seek some Monday motivation, Friday feeling and that sort of things.

4. Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

Museo del Prado Instagram

You should never forget about getting out of your comfort zone. Museums might be fun, but the greatest museums provide knowledge about. You may or may not understand Spanish, notably the fourth most spoken language in the world. But even if you can’t get what is written, you can enjoy all the splendid forms of art they present. Allow yourself some intellectual traits!

3. Guggenheim, NYC & Bilbao

Guggenheim Instagram

Future is now, right? Yet this is not a future anymore. Guggenheim Museums are exceptional buildings with exceptional content and a timeless futuristic feel. So are their social media pages. Get out of your comfort zone and get some insights about arts you never thought about or artists you barely heard of. Note that you will not get only paintings and sculpture but also some fine approach to performing arts.

2. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

Kunsthistorisches Museum Instagram

It’s a dark winter afternoon. All you want to do is to slee… play! When it comes to arts, it’s fun to get some ideas on how playful arts can be. I will never consider contemporary arts necessarily more entertaining, so I need to say that the Kunsthistorisches Museum has some great posts that invite followers to get curious, creative, and to virtually join tours around the museum.

1.Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Van Gogh Museum Instagram

A highly deserved first place goes to this one. At the end of the day, we are all emotional beings. Nothing triggers feelings better than real life stories. Sad and joyful at the same time, the life of this Dutch artist intrigues every art fan, art watcher, and art lover. Luckily, they manage social media on such a perfect way that we can consume that amount of stories through their posts.

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