Listening to some sounds: Museum Podcasts

Imagine waking up in the morning with a creative and inspiring show on the radio. You don’t look at anything, you don’t have to watch, but you just listen. Welcome to the world of Museum Podcasts.

Yesterday morning I listened to the new podcast published by The C Word, a group of conservators. I am looking forward to hearing more of their conservation podcasts, and podcasts from other authors. So I decided to write a list of museum podcasts as a special source of amazing museum resources.

For other virtual museum resources for these days of social isolation, feel free to check my Complete Virtual Museum Guide.

What is a Museum Podcast?

If you haven’t heard about podcasts at all, a short explanation is: a podcast is an audio-recording speech usually conducted as a conversation between people located on different places. Authors usually create a podcast stream, thus allowing fans to subscribe and receive notifications for new podcasts being published.

Note to the reader: do you know any podcasts in languages other than English? Share them with me, I need contents and recommendations for people from different countries!

While there are podcasters from all the fields and professions, I am talking about museum and related podcasts.

Museum Podcasts - Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Example of a podcast stream. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

A list of recommendations for Museum Podcasts

The ones I already mentioned, The C Word, are a group of British conservators. It is a particularly interesting field of heritage work, and I am very curious about everything conservators do on their day jobs.

Ian Elsner is a professional creator of museum experiences, and he already worked for several museums in the USA. His podcast stream Museum Archipelago covers a lot of topics, and I participated in one of his podcasts.

Museopunks is a heart-warming podcast series with Suse Anderson from the American Alliance of Museums as a moderator.

The Wonder House is a London-based project focused on decolonisation and inclusive approach on heritage from different cultures.

Museum n’That is a series of podcasts made by Leeds Museums & Galleries

Do you know more? Please share them with me, so that I can update the list.

My personal story

Back in early 2011, I was a part of an experimental study program at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Although it sounds so “sophisticated”, it was a very simple yet amazing thing. Our main goal was to produce digitally-shareable content about museums and heritage.

In a specific project, we focused on podcasts. Although we didn’t manage to conclude it and publish our stream (it was a long story), we worked on the idea. Podcasts are supposed to be simple and entertaining.


I am from Croatia and all the podcasts I recommended are in English and based in UK or USA. It is so difficult to think globally, but at the moment it is the most important thing for me. I am already planning multi language content, so if you know any podcast in another language – please share it with me and help me creating a global village on this blog!

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