9 Museum Blogs I recommend

As I am definitely not the only person who blogs about museums, I would like to recommend and promote some other museum bloggers. So, here comes an article about museum blogs.

Last week, I had the honor to manage a museum chat on Twitter, through a well-known profile called Museum Hour. Every Monday evening, at 8 pm GMT, many museum fans sign in to their Twitter accounts. Someone manages the conversation and asks questions, and anyone is free to respond. Every Monday there is a different topic, and I was managing a highly entertaining chat about – museum blogs!

The first question I asked was a kind of “call for examples”. I wanted to hear what were some interesting museum blogs. Participants gave me many answers, and I decided to make a list of 9 museum blogs I recommend to all museum fans.

Before I start introducing museum blogs, I would like to remind my readers of one little thing. Many of my articles are lists of something. Lists of museums, lists of blogs, lists of experiences, you name it. However, I have no intention of creating ranking lists. My blog is not a “tournament” or “contest”, neither is the number one on the list my absolute favorite. I create lists through a random choice, or by selecting a certain path through interesting things I picked.

I used one picture to illustrate each blog, a screenshot I captured on my phone. Each picture belongs to that blogger/author, and not to me.


1.Tincture of Museum

Museum Blogs - Tincture of Museum

I write about everything museum! Autism in museums, the work I do as a volunteer in museums and reviews of exhibitions. I write with my thoughts and my feelings, I love every minute of it and I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.

This is a very interesting private blog with stories from museum visits and insights about autism in museums. The author, based in the UK, tells her own story and brings experiences we may not have any idea about before we read her texts.

Visit Tincture of Museum


2.Jack’s Adventures in Museum Land

Museum Blogs - Jacks Adventure in Museum Land

Hi, I’m Jack and I have what I like to think of as adventures in museums, most people would probably call it an inabilty to resist wandering around rooms full of artefacts for hours on end. So I decided to start a blog chronicling my exploits.

Jack knows about the use of the digital in museums. Based in London, Jack also works as an animator on museum workshops. He occasionally writes stories about artifacts from museums, highlighting everything that is fun.

Visit Jack’s Adventures in Museum Land


3.Museum Hack

Museum Blogs - Museum Hack

We Lead Unconventional Tours of the World’s Best Museums.

Museum Hach is an American company that creates innovative and fun museum experiences. They also have a blog full of interesting content that somehow changes the way we see museums. Most of their articles are based on entertaining museum experiences. I may not agree with everything they do and some of these ideas and projects do not match the European taste. Still, I would recommend every museum enthusiast to read this to get inspired.

Visit Museum Hack

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4.Museum Hue

Museum Blogs - Museum Hue

Museum Hue is an arts platform for people of color (African, Latin, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Native American and Pacific Island descent). We craft a welcoming, creative environment that encourages exploration, investigation, collaboration, imagination, and creation in museums throughout major cities, countrysides, and everywhere in between.

This is another inclusion project, aiming to connect creatives who are people of color. I’m not used to calling anyone people of color, but it seems to be a right term that helps inclusion. Maybe it segregates people who are not “white” from “white people”, but still… it actually says that the world is colorful, which sounds beautiful.

Visit Museum Hue

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Museum Blogs - Incluseum

Museums around the world are increasingly interested in examining their internal operations and priorities in order to become more socially just in their practices.

Quite a popular American blog about inclusion and museums, featuring some interesting museum projects. It also includes some stories about museum professionals.

Visit Incluseum

6.Museum Two

Museum Blogs - Museum Two

I design and research participatory, community-based institutions. I’m the Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and author of The Participatory Museum and The Art of Relevance. Nina Simon.

Managed by someone who is the author and authority, Nina Simon, this blog is an institution itself. With such a rich amount of museum ideas, stories, and totally unprecedented approaches on museums, it can be called a “sacred book for museum fans (and professionals)”.

Visit Museum Two


7.National Museums of Scotland Blog

Museum Blogs - National Museums of Scotland

I haven’t been in Scotland (yet), but I received this museum blog as a recommendation. This is the official blog of a museum, and in my opinion, it’s very well curated. As a large institution whose museums cover different areas from history and art to sciences, it used the blog very well to tell the important and interesting stories to visitors and possible visitors. There is a lot of information, a lot of insights and deep analysis on that blog, as well as many interesting things to learn.

Visit National Museums of Scotland Blog



Museum Blogs - Musermeku

This is a German blog, and as I’m not a person who knows that language, I read it with the help of wonderful automatic translates. It’s somehow similar to my blog, and I like it particularly for that reason. They provide a great amount of heritage and culture travel content to German-speaking audience, as well as a lot of articles directed to museum professionals.

Visit Musermeku


9.Brilliant Idea Studio

Museum Blogs - Brilliant Idea Studio

Seema Rao, principal, has over 15 years of museum experience working on projects as diverse as interactive media installations and studio classes for toddlers.

As this quote suggests, this is another blog managed by a conceptualized museum professional. This is a professional rather than travel or popular museum content, mostly based on (re)thinking interdisciplinarity in museums, use of technology in museums, creative ideas, etc. There is also a lot of content connecting museums with well-being.

Visit Brilliant Idea Studio

Bonus Museum Blogs: This is an article in making

More museum blogs I find, more fun. I will surely share them. If you know any museum blog I haven’t indicated, please drop me a link to the comments section.

For instance, one blog I have followed for a while is… Musalley Paris.

This blog is quite an active, quite an intimate sequence of views on museums, discovery, the joy of learning, and creativity.

Museum Blogs - Musalley Paris

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