Fronteira Palace

In order to fulfill my posting schedule and to be adding up more and more museums into my blog, I do free blogger visits to museums. I may find your museum voluntarily and contact you. It usually happens when I plan my trips and find a certain museum interesting for my blog. But, you can order you blogger visit.

If you work in a museum, you may invite me. You can also invite me to visit your favorite museum, even if you don’t work for it.

What can I do during a free blogger visit:

  • I will make a detailed visit to your museum.
  • By asking questions, I will try understanding the story.
  • By getting around, I notice the context.
  • I will find out what is particularly original, fun, entertaining, or memorable in your museum.
  • I can also be at an event you organize and tell the story through my social media channels.
  • The most important thing – I will be taking pictures (lots of them), and a few videos and I will write a tailor-made article.
  • I will understand and consider your suggestions for information and content to include in the article. By ordering my premium visit, you can get my stylish analysis and promotion of a specific content you want or need to highlight.
  • There are many ways we can continue talking, and I would be glad to help you in communicating about your museum online.
  • Do you need anything else? Let me know 🙂

Note: I accept free visits to museums located no more than 100 kilometers from me. It means that I may be coming close to your zone, and we may arrange my visit. However, if you need my visit on a certain day, I will ask you to cover my travel expenses.

Some of my most popular articles, made after a free blogger visit to each:

Is anybody home?

Fronteira Palace - blogger visit

This article is about a palace-museum in Lisbon. The palace was built in the XVII for a wealthy noble family from Lisbon, and it still belongs to them! They live in one wing, while they don’t use much the rest of the palace, and they decided to receive visitors. Full of treasures and wonderful findings, the Fronteira Palace conquers visitors’ hearts. By highlighting that “home feeling”, I decided to call the article “Is anybody home?”

A handsome Greek Athlete lives here!

Apoxyomenos - Apoksiomen Statue

There is a unique example, a museum with only one physical item. The island of Lošinj, in Croatia, came into the spotlight when a Belgian underwater photographer accidentally found a Greek bronze statue, lying on the bottom of the sea, covered in sand. It was in 1999, and as of 2016, he has his home – The Apoxyomenos Museum. I say that he is a handsome athlete and that he lives in the house.

Living in the Capital City

Reconstruction - how could European prehistoric clothes look like?

When reading this title, you might think that I’m talking about a contemporary city. Wrong. I’m talking about the time that occurred about 5000 years ago. On the Danube River, in the area that today is the border between Croatia and Serbia, there was an advanced civilization. They introduced a large number of new technologies, that would later become associated with Greek civilization. On the site of the Vučedol Culture Museum, there was the capital city of that whole area. How did people live there? To highlight that point, I decided to tell a story about living in the capital city.

A Gallery with the loveliest view of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik seen from the Museum of Modern Art
This is the view from the terrace 😮

Dubrovnik is a superstar. Everyone wants to visit that gorgeous historical town. The most memorable picture of Dubrovnik is in the long-distance views over the whole walled town. Even though you can actually observe it from many spots, including the road above the city, there no many close views you can get, if you are not staying in one of the few privileged hotels or holiday homes that are close enough to the walls. The Gallery of Modern Art Dubrovnik resolves this issue. Most people love to visit this gallery for that reason, while they also enjoy the art and nice exhibitions.

Sunrise in the Museum

Landscapes behind the Arktikum Museum, Rovaniemi

Once I traveled to a really exotic side of the world. I traveled to Lapland, the far North of Scandinavia and Europe. I went there in the winter because I wanted to feel a polar winter. The Arktikum Museum is a place to learn how people lived in the area throughout the centuries. I called the article “sunrise”, but it could freely be called something like “half sunrise” since we some just a half-sun that day. The city of Rovaniemi lies on the very edge of the Arctic circle and therefore sees only a half sun in the middle of the winter days. I was visiting the museum between 9 and 11, so technically I was there before the “half-sunrise”. This blogger visit and trip are among the best experiences I’ve ever had.