A Roman Empire Beach Party

Do you prefer sandy beaches or rocky ones? Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. This article is about a real rocky beach, but not a regular one.

There is a beautiful archaeological site right next to it – the place was a Roman City, and hosted an important early-Christian basilica afterwards. Today there is a well-equipped small gallery telling you stories about the place, while the rest is an open-air monument, perfect for summer enjoyment. The gallery is opened during the summer months, from June 1st to September 30th, more or less. You can always count on local tourist information center for further information.

The gallery’s opening hours during the summer 2016 are 10-13 and 18-20.

I have already said something about certain archaeological sites in Croatia. This one is situated on the island of Krk, and it is generally smaller and somehow less significant than the splendid Vučedol Culture Site, for instance, or has maybe less attractive surroundings than Burnum, for example. However, this is a perfect place to pass by and have a pleasant time on the beach while observing these interesting ancient compositions. The site’s name is Mirine Fulfinum, and this, on picture below, is the atmosphere you can find there, during a show I’ll talk about in this article.

On the Mirine Fulfinum Archaeological Site
Archaeological Site on the Beach

Late-Antiquity Basilica

Aerial View of Mirine Fulfinum
Photo credits by the Omisalj&Njivice Tourist Board

The Roman City was named Fulfinum. The Early Christian site is named Mirine. This aerial picture of the complex is impressive. It shows precisely everything you can feel on site; green landscapes, clear seawater, beautiful beach, and the building’s plan.

Imagine coming here for a beach time and enjoying such a place?



Antiquity Show

Antiquity Show in Croatia
Before the beginning of the main show

This complex used to be unknown by most visitors and tourists coming to surrounding areas, and a large part of investigations/excavations were only made recently. However, several years ago an interesting initiative started, highlighting the real life in the periods of Classical and Late Antiquity.

The event is composed of a gastro show and a performing arts spectacle. Everything is intended to represent how the culture in Roman Empire could have looked like. I’ll not talk about historical accuracy of it, because I’m not a historian, but I enjoyed the experience, the way most of people did. The food was delicious and the whole show pretty interesting to watch, with good artists.


Are you served?

On entrance, we received those characteristic Roman clothes. The objective is to make all the guests look like Roman people 😀 Unfortunately, that night was so damn hot that night (mid-July), that it was almost impossible to survive with these clothes. Most of us had just tried the clothes, took pictures and then took it off. The temperature was about 33 degrees celsius at midnight.

To be a guest on this event, you will need to purchase a ticket, and the price for this year’s show will be known soon, so I’ll update it in this article. When I get to know the final price for this year show, I’ll update it in the article. The event will occur on July 15 and July 16. You can come and see the show whether you are a guest or not, but you might not be able to see the best of each performance, because the whole venue is likely to be crowded very early in the evening. The places around the stage are reserved for dinner guests.

Apart from four pictures which were credited in their caption, the rest of the pictures were taken by my father, Bojan.

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