“I was rewarded for being a Railway Fan”

As a small boy, Siniša Abramović spent his time by the front yard fence of the railway section house, counting wagons and dreaming of faraway places…

39-year-old Siniša Abramović is a civil engineer and lives in the town of Delnice. Regarding the topic of when and how he became a rail enthusiast, he said:

“My great-grandfather, grandfather, father, uncle and cousin all worked or are still working for the railway, and I spent some of my childhood living in a section house for railway staff with my grandparents, in the Žingerlet region, close to Delnice; I grew up two meters from the Rijeka – Zagreb line. I used to stand by the section house fence, and follow trainsets with interest, count wagons and wonder at locomotives running alone…When I was three years old, my father got me my first railway set and taught me how to play with it. For many years to come, he continued to buy model trains for me, and after I got a job, I continued this tradition.

Siniša’s rolling stock currently consists of around 500 models of wagons and locomotives. Other than collecting models, he makes tunnel dioramas from plaster (Simplon tunnel between Switzerland and Italy) and bridges (Kellerbachbrücke, Mundbachbrücke in Switzerland) at a 1:87 scale. He also likes taking photographs, half of which have a railway theme. Many of Siniša’s photographs were published in calendars and postcards all over the region of Gorski kotar. He is happy to take the train often, and his favourite annual destination is Switzerland, where he spends two weeks every year in July. After every such journey, he returns with six to seven thousand photographs.

Travel Photography

The most favourite moment in his career of a railway aficionado was in 2002, when he made a PowerPoint presentation on his own initiative for the Swiss-Italian company Cisalpino AG, which at the time had nine ETR 470 type tilting trains, operating on the route Germany – Switzerland -Italy. He sent them this presentation as a New Year’s greeting card. They happily replied with a letter in Croatian, requested permission to use the presentation and asked him if they could do anything for him. They “bought” the presentation in exchange for granting him permission to ride in a tilting train cab through Switzerland on the way to Milan. This is how he visited the company Cisalpino in August 2003, and took a ride on the train of his dreams.

After ferrofanatics, railfans, enthusiasts and aficionados, Siniša has yet another name for his passion.

“I’m a total rail freak!”

Rail fans

On picture above: Siniša and his colleague rail fan Dragutin Staničić.

This is the last among the 6 stories about people who love railways. The whole series was made in partnership with the Croatian Railway Museum.

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