7 Untold Stories from European Archaeology

This time has come. We are already in the Vučedol’s New Year since the Orion has disappeared from the night sky, being replaced by the Sun, and more hours of Sunshine.

7 Untold Stories from European Archaeology

What are the earliest beginnings of the European history? Surely they can be found in the Neolithic/Eneolithic cultures. Vučedol culture is the most emblematic one. I figured out that there are as much as 7 stories to tell about this culture and respective Museum, including one which is contemporary, but not less important.

The newly opened museum will provoke all your curiosity. It will make you want to discover precisely this part of Croatia and find  beautiful landscapes, great stories, buildings, restaurants, wines, and pleasant hosts. Let’s go to the point:

1)5000 years ago there was a highly developed culture in Europe…

…a culture that coexisted with ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, forming the most advanced trio – three civilizations, two of which are commonly known, while the third one is still pretty unknown. So I come with this post series to counter this fact. It’s highly recommendable to visit the place in the season of excavations because you’ll have the privilege to see a group of archaeologists at work.

2)In today’s Croatia, near Vukovar, there was a prehistoric metropolis…

…that with around 2000 inhabitants was the capital city of Vučedol culture and the whole Europe, the real center of a civilization, everything that London or Berlin are today. The museum provides you a fun experience of observing a reconstructed Vučedol house. The fact that remains of real houses were found on site makes these reconstructions fairly truthful.

3)The people of Vučedol were fashion aware…

…and they even had the very first shoes produced for both left and right foot. Their typical, unique pattern, found on ceramic and metal was also used on clothes, according to several idols found along the sites of Vučedol culture. It has an incredible beauty and made me want to be able to buy the clothes produced as a contemporary reconstruction, but exposed for interpretation/pedagogical purposes only.

4)Welcome to the place of the earliest metallurgy and serial production…

…and discover how such a discovery coincided with the Faith. Shamans were responsible for both wisdom and believing. The first bronze was created here, introducing the Bronze age. The production of metal was evolving the way that practices changed to the more advanced techniques.

5)Learn about the very first origins of a Greek Myth…

…and find, when exactly, at which particular moment, the myth appeared and why. Everything happened just because of the shamans’ passion for observing the sky and the constellations. Certain moments were interpreted. At one moment, a certain interpretation made a story, the story was transmitted to new areas, new cultures and was written afterward. This is about how shamans were so scared sometimes that they even sacrificed several people in order to “clear” a supposed sin.

6)The Vučedol Culture is remaining lively…

…with this Museum. Example for that is a perfectly unique fashion show, organized in order to promote the work made by the Etna Maar, a Croatian fashion designer, who created a special collection for the Vučedol Culture Museum. Apart from the clothes exposed as museum items only, that I already mentioned, she also created a commercial collection for the Museum. In the Museum’s Shop, you can also do some shopping. From simple and affordable t-shirts to gorgeous luxury dresses.

7)Some Fishing tools were found on-site…

…that are not much different than ones we have today. The museum has its own aquarium where you can observe the fish species that reside in the Danube. This culture lived with the Danube and knew all about that. Maybe even more than some people today.

Fishing Tools
Impressive fishing tools
Aquarium and the fishing boat in Vucedol
You must not enter in this boat 🙂

The entire post series about the Vučedol culture is made in cooperation with the Vučedol Culture Museum. The opinions are my own, and I only work with Museums that are Fun 🙂

Vucedol Culture Museum Croatia

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