10 Heritage Travel Posts of my Choice

Fun Museums is all about museums that are fun, and all about heritage and culture travel. Here I come with a selection of 10 great articles about similar travel topics, that inspired me in my research and work.

Every day I read some travel blogs and find new ones. I like to find something fully interesting to me – contents at least somehow similar to fun museums and museums that are fun (laugh).


Let’s start 🙂

A beginner Guide to a Country

1) The Travel Manuel – Roam The Ancient Country of Greece

Even though I haven’t been to Greece yet, I have already visited a place whose culture and civilisation flourished much before the ancient Greece (picture bellow). However, since my teenage years I have dreamed about a Great Greek Tour. This is a simple list of places to visit in that country, according to a guest blogger on The Travel Manuel, a blog I read regularly and much appreciate.

Excavations on the Vucedol site
Vučedol Culture existed 5000 years ago. You can visit the place while they are working.

Always discover Something Unknown

2) Avenly Lane Travel – 25 of the most beautiful villages of the world

City breaks are amazing, but villages even more. On the Avenly Lane Travel, I found this lists of amazing villages found across the world, where you can find warm and pleasant hosts who will want to share stories about their places with you. Most of these villages are hard to reach due to their distant locations, mostly in mountains, tropical or polar lands. Personally I loved my experience in Lapland, where I had that exclusive opportunity of visiting distant Utsjoki, a place where the darkness was almost total in December, and little wooden houses, surrounded and covered with snow looked magical. The moments I visited a local reindeer farm were unforgettable.

If you want to meet a genuine local culture, villages are perfect places for you.

Provence of Finnmark, Norway
We also went to the village of Bugoynes, situated on the Norwegian side. These are the winter roads, at midday.

Break your Barriers

3) Joy loves Travel – Lapland – Useful Staff

Talking about my trip to Finland in the winter, particularly about Lapland, I can understand that such exotic trips are not easy to plan. When I found this article on the blog Joy loves Travel, I became surprised, especially because the author was there more or less at the same time when I did. Many bloggers write about travel tips and advices and this articles has a plenty recommendations applicable to any trip to polar lands.

Leaving comfort zone and trying completely new thing is never easy but luckily we all have each other 🙂

Vasatokka. A holiday center in Finland.

Beautiful Trains and Railways

4) Seat to seat – 7 Iconic Railway Journeys Around the World

While I have just received some exclusive stories and testimonials about people who make the Croatian Railway Museum go beyond its own collections, I can say that travelling by train is perfect for any heritage and culture trip. The blogger Seat to Seat wrote this amazing list that I will place high on my bucket list. This is a sort of luxury travel, but trust me, heritage travel might involve any kind of budget – you can sleep on farms or in monasteries for free (I will try both as soon as possible!), but there is also a special beauty in trying luxury palaces, today 5 star hotels.

This is just another example of everything that goes with a concept of heritage & culture travel. Sure, the trains mentioned in the article are not like this one, but vintage.

Railways Accros Europe - Berislav Žilić

All the Temples in a Region

5) Jaipur thru my Lens – Pratapeshawar Temple/ Concealed & Obscure

In reality, many people, bloggers and non-bloggers post pictures of historical buildings they liked on social media or anywhere on the internet. Obviously, heritage travel is so fun!

This is an example that I found particularly interesting – the Indian blogger Jaipur thru my Lens has stories about many temples in this region, presented with descriptions, stories and pictures. The blog is quite successful and apparently has many views. It serves as a good guide to heritage travel in that region.

That way I simply love the heritage buildings of Vienna. As I’m European I don’t find them as exotic as building in India, but I find them beautiful anyway.

Fun Museums
Museum of Natural History Vienna

Sensitive Places

6) Travel Freak – Pyramids of Giza Egypt

Culture might be a sensitive topic. Even though museums are fun, many times they contain sad or deep stories about wars, suffering and any other dark part of the history. As I prefer to spread joy of discovery and positive energy (laugh), I also know that there is always that little less-joyful part.

This is a blog post about those Pyramids we all know about. To be honest, I’m a kind of afraid of going there. However, this lovely article made me feel less concerned about that idea. The blogger made a deep analysis and talked to people.

Recently I travelled to the Eastern Part of Croatia, Slavonia, the region whose war memories are still present and some topics might be sensitive. But I met no negativity on these places. I had a great time there, discovering a very interesting castle-museum, and one of the Europe’s most important archaeological sites, represented under the point 1 of this article 😀

In front of the Palace

Describe a Fun day in a Museum

7) Destination: Everywhere – Soviet Art at the Didrichsen

Mrs Suvi has been one of my favourite bloggers, since I went to Finland, her country, and found one of her posts. This is a post that describe a fun day spent in a museum, observing another a bit sensitive, but highly important topic – the Soviet Art. One of my colleagues and Fun Museums stakeholders, Marijana, went to a similar exhibition in Belgrade. It was about propaganda and the ways how non-democratic regimes used to manipulate.

The day was made complete with a visit to the nearby historical villa that has a nice cafe. I love cafes in museums so much. And ice creams as well.

Museum Ice Cream
The Ice Cream “Marco Polo”

Let’s visit a Museum! Which Museum? When?

8) Reynel and Rozie – Light and Sound Museum

Reynel and Rozie live in Philippines. They think that museums are underrated in their country. As hobby bloggers, they visit a museum per month for their pleasure.

Is it difficult to choose where to go, if choices are too many? Sometimes you just need to pick a museum and go. I promise you a great time. But is every museum that fun, as you (Lana!) promise? I can’t promise you that any museum is perfectly fun for any person. Try something you feel like it’s fun. I think you will not regret 🙂

For instance, I like museums whose buildings are fun – in terms of architecture. For me that’s another creative industry, a necessary part of heritage and culture.

Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
One afternoon in Munich and the Pinakothek der Moderne. Amazing architecture.

Stories about Cities

9) Adventurous Miriam – 10 Things to do in Medieval Tallinn and Riga’s Beautiful Art Nouveau Area

Here I made an exception and chose 2 articles, because Miriam has 2 interesting pieces of content, useful to heritage travellers who go to Baltic countries. This is not so much about museums or exotic discoveries, but just a simple overview on important heritage moments in Tallinn and Riga. Although I don’t write articles without a museum background and a surprising moment of discovery, I appreciate much all the styles in blogging about heritage.

I really like to read the Miriam’s posts. My style to describe a city’s spirit is to pick on a detail which says a lot about that city. How the Albertina Museum in Vienna lets the potential visitors know that it’s fun?

Albertina Wien
Way to enter to the exhibition

Immaterial heritage and – sustainable development?

10) Green Global Travel – Odd Intangible Cultural Heritage Practices UNESCO protects

This is the funnest article of all. The Green Global Travel is a blog specialised in sustainable types of travel and tourism, and this article is hilarious. Curiosities about traditions are described on many places, but this shows that some of them are even protected by UNESCO. This is immaterial heritage – it can be described by a real museum, but it can also be described by a virtual museum – like this blog article 😀

Arctic Swimming after Sauna
This painful hole in a frozen lake serves for so called Arctic Swimming. This a tradition in cold lands. Not sure if protected by UNESCO.

Do you know any other article for heritage travellers? Let me know in comments, so I consider it for a next list of choices 🙂



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