Work with me

There is a variety of services that I provide, alone or with my numerous partners (including my family business). Check the list and find which collaboration would be perfect for you.

Get your own article

If you own a museum or work in a museum you will love seeing your museum on my blog. Articles I make are free for museums and you only need to accept my quality standards.

Since I’m traveling all the time and I choose museums that seem interesting to me, I might contact you with a proposal to make an article about your museum. Nevertheless, you can always feel free to contact me at lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu, and talk with me. If you are not away from me more than 500kms I can visit you for free, within 6 months of your request. The same applies if you are on the route I’m already planning to make. If it’s not the case, travel costs may apply.

Once you are a part of the Fun Museums blog, you can enjoy 10-30% discounts on my professional services (see the “consultancy” section)

Get a tailor-made workshop

I organize 2 types of workshops.

Museums in Service of Social Development

Are you a volunteer, a member of any kind of NGO, or you work for a private company that wants to rethink their corporate responsibility? Do you work for a business school or any other kind of college? You are at a right place.

The workshop “Museums in Service of Social Development” will be perfect for your community. Invite up to 15 people and arrange a workshop that will enrich your approach on museums as agents of social development and open up your perspectives about the museums’ role in this story.

How will I create a workshop for you?

First of all, we’ll have a conversation to align your views about social development with the concept of this workshop.

You can opt to choose a particular social development topic for the workshop, or I will give you my examples and encourage your participants to pick their own. For instance, for the workshop I gave at the Lehigh University, I picked the sustainable industry with particular focus on the energy efficiency as an example of social development. The participant from Thailand picked the example of combating the exploration of underpaid workers, as an example he sees as important in his country.

The workshop created for you can have a local or international/multicultural approach.

You can choose a museum that you recognize as a good example of driving the social development. If you can’t remember any example, don’t worry, I always have a plenty of suggestions.

Museums in Service of Social Development
A Workshop, given to my fellow Global Villagers
Museums in Service of Social Development
With people from China, Italy, UAE and Thailand, in Bethlehem, PA, USA.

Customer Service on Social Media

Don’t miss any customer message on Facebook, don’t skip to reply to a Tweet about you, don’t forget to react to any problematic or negative comment (and stop caring about it). Don’t miss you chance to share the love of your visitors or customers to more (potential?) visitors and customers.

Get your own workbook and workshop about Customer Service on Social Media. More information about it soon!


Website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, what else? Get your communication strategy and a perfect collection of tools that will help you skyrocket in digital communication. Get a cool set of slides, a Prezi or infographic to add up to your content marketing strategy. What me and my teams can do for you?

What we can do for you?

We can work on your visual and digital identity.

We can help you getting a stunning website

We can find perfect social media solutions for you and clarify or your social media doubts.

We create astonishing content, invented to generate likes, views, or whatever is necessary.

Cultural Products in Tourism

If you are in charge of developing a touristic product for your city or region, we’ll find one for you, just by researching about your heritage and culture. From events to souvenirs, your own identity will shine.

Conference talks&panels

We are so excited about sharing our expertise on your conference!

Become a guest author

It’s easy to become a guest author. I’m not a native English speaker, neither you have to be. You are just expected to love museums, heritage and culture travel and feel the magnificent joy of discovery. Note that you must follow the article guidelines, and meet the quality standards in order to have your work accepted.