My Sketched Travels - Numismatic Museum, Athens

Dear visitor, how can I help you? Here is your selection of amenities you can get if you work with Fun Museums.

Today, on April 2, 2020, in these difficult times, I have a special offer…

  1. …for all the museums 
  2. …for small, creative, sustainable businesses…

During April and May 2020, I offer these services for free or through a “pay as much as you can model”.

So what can I do for you?

Your blogging and social media plan

Although we are facing uncertainty, this is a perfect time to start communicating. Just some little steps are necessary to rethink, improve, and enhance your communications through all the available tools.

Examples of projects I can make for you:

Simple strategy for communicating on social media – for small businesses

Strategy for creating fun and engaging content on social media – for museums

Strategy for professional blogs – for individuals, businesses, or museums who want to share their work and knowledge

How will this collaboration work: As the communication is the key, regular calls on Skype, Hangouts, or WhatsApp will be an essential part of our collaboration. In the meantime, you will always be able to reach me on email, WhatsApp, or Twitter direct messages.

Price: After you explain me your needs and goals, we will agree on a quantity of work I will do for you. I will let you know what is the full value of that work, and you can choose to give me between 20% and 60% of that amount. The offer is valid through April and May of 2020. If you are working with me on behalf of a small museum, I will give you this service for free during April and May of 2020.

Show up in my recommendations

Get mentioned in my recommendations for virtual museums, podcasts, all kinds of digital initiatives related to museums in my special blog articles.


A Complete Virtual Museum Guide for the times of Social Distance

My Guide to Museum Podcasts

How will this collaboration work: You send me a message saying you would like to be featured. If you are eligible, I will include you in features.

Price: Free during April and May

Hand-made illustrations for your digital content

Drawings look beautiful and original. If well-done, they represent the heart of your image online. I don’t make them digitally, but by hand, before I digitalise them. I can also apply them to products such as mugs, bags, or boxes.

I have my own collection of drawing under the #MySketchedTravels project, and all these illustrations can be used free of charge, as long as you give me proper credits.

My Sketched Travels - Money Museum, Athens
An illustration from #MySketchedTravels collection – Numismatic Museum of Athens

How will this collaboration work? After we talk about the possibilities and decide what kind of illustration or sketch would be the best, you will send me a reference photo. From that photo I will make an illustration for you.

Price: During April and May, I offer one drawing/illustration per client for free. Additional cost applies to production of objects (mugs, t-shirts, etc) with my illustrations.