Winter on Railways
Croatian Railway Museum

Making Train Models

Travelling by train is amazing, isn’t it? We are working on a post series about a group of “railfans”, featured by the Croatian Railway Museum. The youngest one among railfans is Ivan Dukić (nickname Kapo I), an unemployed 20 years old professional photographer from Matulji, and besides being a photographer, he is also a qualified […]

Hopscotch in Zagreb
Fun Discoveries!

A Cool Signage on the Floor

This was my day to visit the Croatian School Museum (Hrvatski školski muzej) in Zagreb. I had been there before, but as they announced a great delegation on one of the first Fun Museums presentations, I decided to give them a particular attention. You certainly know what is the “hopscotch”? Sure, that’s a worldwide children’s […]

Museum of Illusions

This is not an Illusion

This article is not about an illusion – this museum exists. However, this is the Museum of Illusions. In a year of existence, it has become a must-go place for every tourist and traveller in Zagreb. It has also become a place for children to have fun. A real fun museum 😀 It’s perfectly necessary […]