Discover Zagreb in 7 easy steps

Are you planning to visit Croatia? You should not skip Zagreb. The country’s capital is a simple and magnificent city, full of stories, fun, and full of life, as Croatian official slogan suggests – Croatia Full of Life. This article is a kind of beginner’s Continue Reading

“I was rewarded for being a Railway Fan”

As a small boy, Siniša Abramović spent his time by the front yard fence of the railway section house, counting wagons and dreaming of faraway places… 39-year-old Siniša Abramović is a civil engineer and lives in the town of Delnice. Regarding the topic of when Continue Reading

Photography – Moment of the Present and the Truth

Dragutin Staničić is 59 and lives in Zagreb. He is among the very few ferrofanatics who work for the railway, and has done so for four decades now, in the Signalling and Telecommunication Devices Sector in Zagreb. Since the mid-1970s, he has been heavily involved Continue Reading

The Wonderful Process of Constructing Trains

Nenad Medić is one of those people who are lucky enough to do what they love for a living, and don’t have to separate between work and leisure time, profession and hobby… This is the second story from the series “Reasons to love railways”., sent by Continue Reading

Making Train Models

Travelling by train is amazing, isn’t it? We are working on a post series about a group of “railfans”, featured by the Croatian Railway Museum. The youngest one among railfans is Ivan Dukić (nickname Kapo I), an unemployed 20 years old professional photographer from Matulji, Continue Reading

The Museum and its Fans

The Croatian Railway Museum was founded in 1991, as a specialized technical museum of national significance, which has been following the beginnings and the development of the railway system in Croatia since 1860, when the first railway line was constructed, until today. Speaking in numbers, Continue Reading

This is not an Illusion

This article is not about an illusion – this museum exists. However, this is the Museum of Illusions. In a year of existence, it has become a must-go place for every tourist and traveller in Zagreb. It has also become a place for children to Continue Reading