Not a Romantic Story.

This article is going to tell you a story about a lighthouse. How do you imagine the life and work of historical lighthouse keepers? Above the Ocean How people commonly imagine the life of a lighthouse keeper:   Lighthouse keepers were living right above the Continue Reading

The Museum and its Fans

The Croatian Railway Museum was founded in 1991, as a specialized technical museum of national significance, which has been following the beginnings and the development of the railway system in Croatia since 1860, when the first railway line was constructed, until today. Speaking in numbers, Continue Reading

A room for polar winds

Freeeezzzing! Just like Lapland is supposed to be. This chamber is designed to make visitors understand how the polar stream and winds work. It must be particularly interesting for summer visitors, who will experience fresh but not freezing temperatures. We traveled to Lapland and Rovaniemi Continue Reading

All I want for Christmas is… recycling?

This looks like a set of ordinary Christmas trees. However, if you take a deeper look at the further pictures, you’ll notice that all the decorations were made from the recycled materials – the materials we usually call waste¬†or even trash. Everything we would like Continue Reading

Museum announcing a Museum

Here it is – the Humboldt Box is a small museum, placed in a building with unusual form, and located on the Berlin’s famous¬†Museumsinsel (Museum Island), listed by UNESCO. There is an enormous construction site right behind this small futuristic box. This is going to Continue Reading