Discover Zagreb in 7 easy steps

Are you planning to visit Croatia? You should not skip Zagreb. The country’s capital is a simple and magnificent city, full of stories, fun, and full of life, as Croatian official slogan suggests – Croatia Full of Life. This article is a kind of beginner’s Continue Reading

The Past and Future of Industry

Today I will be writing about two museums situated next to each other, at the waterfront of the emblematic Tagus river. The area is extremely rich in museums, monuments, gardens and there is even a pastry shop where people wait in lines to get some – Continue Reading

Not a Romantic Story.

This article is going to tell you a story about a lighthouse. How do you imagine the life and work of historical lighthouse keepers? Above the Ocean How people commonly imagine the life of a lighthouse keeper:   Lighthouse keepers were living right above the Continue Reading

7 Untold Stories from European Archaeology

This time has come. We are already in the Vučedol’s New Year since the Orion has disappeared from the night sky, being replaced by the Sun, and more hours of Sunshine. What are the earliest beginnings of the European history? Surely they can be found in Continue Reading

Museums, Nikola Tesla, and Tesla cars.

Everyone knows about Tesla cars. They are simply amazing and dreamy, their elegance, functionality, and the way they are introducing the future. That’s at least my opinion 🙂 Who knows about Nikola Tesla, the guy who gave the name to these cars? Well, that’s the Continue Reading

Understanding the Polar Night

The picture above shows how the noon (the day’s lightest moment) looks like on the far North of Norway, in December. I took this picture from the bus, during our one-day trip to the village of Bugoynes, situated on one of the Northernmost Norwegian fjords.  Continue Reading

This is not an Illusion

This article is not about an illusion – this museum exists. However, this is the Museum of Illusions. In a year of existence, it has become a must-go place for every tourist and traveller in Zagreb. It has also become a place for children to Continue Reading