Winter on Railways
Croatian Railway Museum

Making Train Models

Travelling by train is amazing, isn’t it? We are working on a post series about a group of “railfans”, featured by the Croatian Railway Museum. The youngest one among railfans is Ivan Dukić (nickname Kapo I), an unemployed 20 years old professional photographer from Matulji, and besides being a photographer, he is also a qualified […]

Vucedol Culture Museum, Croatia
The Network Vucedol Culture Museum

In the beginning of prehistoric times.

One of the Europe’s most important prehistoric archaeological sites is situated on the far east of Croatia, and it’s named Vučedol. The whole story is properly represented inside a beautiful contemporary building of the Vučedol Culture Museum. We are proudly announcing our soon-to-be first Fun Museums Network member. In the beginning of prehistoric times, there […]

Open air museum - fishing tools.

Psst! Museum in progress…

Maybe today we are living “The Age of Museums”, and such title would sound more attractive than the popular game “The Age of Empires”. The number of museums worldwide has been growing drastically in the last 10 years. We see many communities forming new fun stories by forming museums. Punat is a village situated on […]