A Museum of Fun

This museum is a landmark and a fun factory. Today I’ll be talking about a must-visit place, the main reason why I had a perfect day in Philadelphia. Like most visitors, I had limited time, so I tried to understand the whole concept by visiting Continue Reading

A Ship from the Fairy Tales

Inspired by the posts about Railways and their fans, I remembered about another emblematic transportation topic that impressed me a lot during my three-weeks long trip to Scandinavia, 9 years ago. I can say that it was the most fun discovery I had on that Continue Reading

Big and Small Railway

This is one of the 6 stories provided by the Croatian Railway Museum‘s greatest fans. Tomislav Špehar is 58 years old and lives in Rijeka. He is a professional cook, who had to leave the kitchen because of illness and retired in 1999. Since then, he Continue Reading

The Wonderful Process of Constructing Trains

Nenad Medić is one of those people who are lucky enough to do what they love for a living, and don’t have to separate between work and leisure time, profession and hobby… This is the second story from the series “Reasons to love railways”., sent by Continue Reading

The Museum and its Fans

The Croatian Railway Museum was founded in 1991, as a specialized technical museum of national significance, which has been following the beginnings and the development of the railway system in Croatia since 1860, when the first railway line was constructed, until today. Speaking in numbers, Continue Reading

Hotels & Restaurants

I had an amazing opportunity to stay in a state-owned holiday center in Lapland, one of the 10 existing across all Finland, and the northernmost of all. These holiday centers were created to host school children and students who travel to meet their own country. Continue Reading

His name is Alvar. Alvar Aalto.

Several notable Finns became famous worldwide in diverse fields of study or work. One of them is Alvar Aalto, The Architect, and also a designer. I have already published a story of the exhibition about Jean Sibelius, another man who shaped the contemporary Finnish culture. Continue Reading

This is in a Museum

My last post highlighted an interesting detail from the SIIDA – Sami Culture Museum – a traditional fishing boat with a giant salmon on it. Although the large part of discovery in the Lapland region occurs outside museums, here you can learn more about things Continue Reading

All I want for Christmas is… recycling?

This looks like a set of ordinary Christmas trees. However, if you take a deeper look at the further pictures, you’ll notice that all the decorations were made from the recycled materials – the materials we usually call waste or even trash. Everything we would like Continue Reading