Philadelphia Museum of Art - American Art
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A Museum of Fun

This museum is a landmark and a fun factory. Today I’ll be talking about a must-visit place, the main reason why I had a perfect day in Philadelphia. Like most visitors, I had limited time, so I tried to understand the whole concept by visiting a selected number of collections. I named my blog “Fun […]

Hopscotch in Zagreb
Fun Discoveries!

A Cool Signage on the Floor

This was my day to visit the Croatian School Museum (Hrvatski školski muzej) in Zagreb. I had been there before, but as they announced a great delegation on one of the first Fun Museums presentations, I decided to give them a particular attention. You certainly know what is the “hopscotch”? Sure, that’s a worldwide children’s […]

National Museum of Finland
6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland National Museum of Finland Our series

All I want for Christmas is… recycling?

This looks like a set of ordinary Christmas trees. However, if you take a deeper look at the further pictures, you’ll notice that all the decorations were made from the recycled materials – the materials we usually call waste or even trash. Everything we would like to put in waste might have some potential. For many […]