This is in a Museum

My last post highlighted an interesting detail from the SIIDA – Sami Culture Museum – a traditional fishing boat with a giant salmon on it. Although the large part of discovery in the Lapland region occurs outside museums, here you can learn more about things Continue Reading

Rivers full of Salmons

Some rivers of Lapland are full of salmons. I’m not going to say a lot of things about this fish species, I’ll just tell an interesting little story. As salmon is a popular food and sportfish, many tourists in Lapland and Finnmark (the northernmost region Continue Reading

The Snowy Open-Air Gallery Of Fantasy

Before visiting a real museum – the Sami Culture Museum, we experienced everything the Museum talks about. Here is the gallery, notice the Sami people in their traditional costumes, beautiful reindeer, typical cabins, the forests and vegetation, and much more. This is a story about Continue Reading

Energy Games

Another story about sustainable museums, and the last we prepared about the Arktikum Museum, on of the 6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland, is in front of you. I don’t need to repeat that the most efficient way to create a more sustainable future is by Continue Reading

A room for polar winds

Freeeezzzing! Just like Lapland is supposed to be. This chamber is designed to make visitors understand how the polar stream and winds work. It must be particularly interesting for summer visitors, who will experience fresh but not freezing temperatures. We traveled to Lapland and Rovaniemi Continue Reading

Understanding the Polar Night

The picture above shows how the noon (the day’s lightest moment) looks like on the far North of Norway, in December. I took this picture from the bus, during our one-day trip to the village of Bugoynes, situated on one of the Northernmost Norwegian fjords.  Continue Reading

Sunrise in a Museum, sunrise of a life changing experience

Sunrise in a Museum, yes. Do you think so? It occurred in the very beginning of a life-changing experience. After a long night of traveling by bus, I reached Lapland, Finland, by arriving in Rovaniemi, the Santa Claus hometown. I’ll be talking about a surreal traveling Continue Reading