This is in a Museum

My last post highlighted an interesting detail from the SIIDA – Sami Culture Museum – a traditional fishing boat with a giant salmon on it. Although the large part of discovery in the Lapland region occurs outside museums, here you can learn more about things Continue Reading

Rivers full of Salmons

Some rivers of Lapland are full of salmons. I’m not going to say a lot of things about this fish species, I’ll just tell an interesting little story. As salmon is a popular food and sportfish, many tourists in Lapland and Finnmark (the northernmost region Continue Reading

The Snowy Open-Air Gallery Of Fantasy

Before visiting a real museum – the Sami Culture Museum, we experienced everything the Museum talks about. Here is the gallery, notice the Sami people in their traditional costumes, beautiful reindeer, typical cabins, the forests and vegetation, and much more. This is a story about Continue Reading

6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland

Finland is one of the most mysterious European countries. Most of  the people know it for having many lakes, saunas and for being the homeland of Nokia. I discovered more things about Finland! We are talking about a country whose territory is a bit larger than Continue Reading