Acting as a Receptionist
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Hello, how can I help you?

Good evening.

Good evening. Welcome to the Hotel Fun. How can I help you?

I have a reservation. I would like to get a non-smoking room with a garden view.

No problem (smile). Just a moment…

Would you like to stay in the Hotel Fun? Do you think that staff members are professional? Would you expect such treatment in a hostel as well? Or from your Airbnb host (smile)?

This is the Hotel & Restaurant MuseumΒ in Helsinki, and a lot of fun. The reception desk is not something typical for museums. No fences, no “don’t touch” signs. You can go behind the desk and act as a receptionist. Someone can take photos of you, the way we did.

This is my sister, one of the travel team members. She has actually worked as a receptionist, so it wasn’t hard for her to look like a “real one”.

In the Hotel and Restaurant Museum Helsinki Finland Museums are Fun.

Can you remember any similar example of museum games and acting? Let me know πŸ™‚

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This was supposed to be a perpetual motion machine.

Perpetual Motion. In Latin, Perpetuum Mobile. Before some modern scientific discoveries, there were many attempts to create a machine which works without any power sources. In the late XIX century in Finland, there was a guy the history doesn’t know a lot about, but it’s known that he spent 23 years of his life working on such a machine.

His name was Mikko Mikonpoika Minkkinen.

An entire room in the National Museum is reserved for this piece of work. While watching the machine, you can notice a little detail on the photo:

"Perpetual Motion Machine"

Was it a Christmas decoration, or is it a regular detail? It’s provocative, anyway πŸ™‚

Who is doing that effort?

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