Acting as a Receptionist
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Hello, how can I help you?

Good evening.

Good evening. Welcome to the Hotel Fun. How can I help you?

I have a reservation. I would like to get a non-smoking room with a garden view.

No problem (smile). Just a moment…

Would you like to stay in the Hotel Fun? Do you think that staff members are professional? Would you expect such treatment in a hostel as well? Or from your Airbnb host (smile)?

This is the Hotel & Restaurant Museum in Helsinki, and a lot of fun. The reception desk is not something typical for museums. No fences, no “don’t touch” signs. You can go behind the desk and act as a receptionist. Someone can take photos of you, the way we did.

This is my sister, one of the travel team members. She has actually worked as a receptionist, so it wasn’t hard for her to look like a “real one”.

In the Hotel and Restaurant Museum Helsinki Finland Museums are Fun.

Can you remember any similar example of museum games and acting? Let me know 🙂

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This was supposed to be a perpetual motion machine.

Perpetual Motion. In Latin, Perpetuum Mobile. Before some modern scientific discoveries, there were many attempts to create a machine which works without any power sources. In the late XIX century in Finland, there was a guy the history doesn’t know a lot about, but it’s known that he spent 23 years of his life working on such a machine.

His name was Mikko Mikonpoika Minkkinen.

An entire room in the National Museum is reserved for this piece of work. While watching the machine, you can notice a little detail on the photo:

"Perpetual Motion Machine"

Was it a Christmas decoration, or is it a regular detail? It’s provocative, anyway 🙂

Who is doing that effort?

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[ 6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland ][ National Museum of Finland ][ Our series ]

Light up this space!

The National Museum of Finland is not a large museum, but it shows many things you want to know when visiting this country. This is an example how an antique, representative room might look like. 

This museum is the first entry within the 6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland travel project.

In the National Museum of Finland In the National Museum of Finland

Finland is a Nordic country, and a part of its territory lies above the Arctic Circle. Obviously, Finnish winters are quite dark. How to provide a creative experience by giving a sensation of daylight inside a museum? By lighting up the entire “windows”! We loved this room 🙂

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National Museum of Finland
[ 6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland ][ National Museum of Finland ][ Our series ]

All I want for Christmas is… recycling?

This looks like a set of ordinary Christmas trees.

However, if you take a deeper look at the further pictures, you’ll notice that all the decorations were made from the recycled materials – the materials we usually call waste or even trash. Everything we would like to put in waste might have some potential.

For many people, Christmas time is the season of joy. Even people who don’t celebrate Christmas like to appreciate the beautiful decorations and symbols of peace.

This is the Christmas Tree Forest in Helsinki, in front of the National Museum of Finland. This beautiful place is a result of collaboration between the Museum, schools and waste companies. While the Museum seems to have sustainable minds working for it, children got their unique opportunity to express their creativity. I think this is lovely.

National Museum of Finland

I would like to say that this gorgeous Christmas Tree Forest is an open-air museum of environmental consciousness.

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