Discover Zagreb in 7 easy steps

Are you planning to visit Croatia? You should not skip Zagreb. The country’s capital is a simple and magnificent city, full of stories, fun, and full of life, as Croatian official slogan suggests – Croatia Full of Life. This article is a kind of beginner’s Continue Reading

Street Food and Art Gallery

A good day in any city is composed of many moments and experiences – walking, shopping, seeing buildings and monuments, eating, drinking, visiting a place you dreamed about. Honestly, I did not have any clear idea about enjoying a day in Milan before visiting the Continue Reading

The Past and Future of Industry

Today I will be writing about two museums situated next to each other, at the waterfront of the emblematic Tagus river. The area is extremely rich in museums, monuments, gardens and there is even a pastry shop where people wait in lines to get some – Continue Reading

A handsome Greek Athlete lives here!

I have just discovered his gorgeous home. Go with me and I will tell who is he and did how he end up here 😀 A Masterpiece In October 2007 I visited the Archaeological Museum of Zagreb for the very first time. The Museum was hosting Continue Reading

Building – Sculpture – Museum – Indoors

Some buildings look like sculptures. Some buildings were constructed to make some kind of impact, or to show technological development. Today I’ll be talking about a museum I had dreamed of visiting until I did it in July this year. New York City. I will not Continue Reading

A Roman Empire Beach Party

Do you prefer sandy beaches or rocky ones? Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. This article is about a real rocky beach, but not a regular one. There is a beautiful archaeological site right next to it – the place was a Roman City, Continue Reading

Living in the Capital City

Today I’ll talk about a museum situated in a real metropolis. This is the second episode of the post series about unknown stories from archaeology in Europe, about a place that was the “prehistoric London”, according to professor Aleksandar Durman.  It was 5000 years ago Continue Reading

Forms of Architecture

I’m the one who really loves modern and contemporary architecture, and wherever I go, I look for the finest examples. In Scandinavia you can find wonderfully simple, functional and elegant architectural forms. The typical housing in Finland is all about tiny houses, and more north Continue Reading

His name is Alvar. Alvar Aalto.

Several notable Finns became famous worldwide in diverse fields of study or work. One of them is Alvar Aalto, The Architect, and also a designer. I have already published a story of the exhibition about Jean Sibelius, another man who shaped the contemporary Finnish culture. Continue Reading

Museum in Melody

At the time of our visit, the National Museum of Finland was hosting a cool temporary exhibition. It was about the most notable Finnish composer of all time, Jean Sibelius, and his wife Aino. As the entire exhibition space was fulfilled with the sounds of Continue Reading