How I found inspiration in Eurovision and Salvador’s song?

“Music is not fireworks, it’s a feeling”, said Salvador Sobral from Portugal, after winning this year Eurovision.   I’ve embedded the song here, just for a reading atmosphere 🙂 When I was a little girl, I used to love that weekend in May. Many times Continue Reading

Not a Romantic Story.

This article is going to tell you a story about a lighthouse. How do you imagine the life and work of historical lighthouse keepers? Above the Ocean How people commonly imagine the life of a lighthouse keeper:   Lighthouse keepers were living right above the Continue Reading

10 Heritage Travel Posts of my Choice

Fun Museums is all about museums that are fun, and all about heritage and culture travel. Here I come with a selection of 10 great articles about similar travel topics, that inspired me in my research and work. Every day I read some travel blogs Continue Reading

Forms of Architecture

I’m the one who really loves modern and contemporary architecture, and wherever I go, I look for the finest examples. In Scandinavia you can find wonderfully simple, functional and elegant architectural forms. The typical housing in Finland is all about tiny houses, and more north Continue Reading