A Short History of Propaganda

Because of the turbulent history here in Balkans, now we have a museum dedicated to the past and history of today’s non-existent country of Yugoslavia, more precisely its history after the II World War up untill its end in 1991. Currently the Museum of Yugoslav history in Belgrade hosts an exhibition called ‘Design for a […]

Museum talks

Announcing the Fun Museums Talks

Don’t be just a museum visitor. Don’t be just a Fun Museums reader, neither we need regular users to like or share our posts. Be a participative member. Challenge our limits, challenge your community. Talk about museums. Fun Museums Talks is a crowdsourcing platform for Ideas for Museums that are Fun. We will be launching […]

Museum of Illusions

This is not an Illusion

This article is not about an illusion – this museum exists. However, this is the Museum of Illusions. In a year of existence, it has become a must-go place for every tourist and traveller in Zagreb. It has also become a place for children to have fun. A real fun museum 😀 It’s perfectly necessary […]

Conferences Creative Industries Europeana

Van Go Yourself

During the Europeana Creative Culture Jam, participants had the opportunity to meet many creative projects related to cultural heritage. One of them is VanGoYourself, an attempt to encourage people to revive the historical art images. This is potentially an ingredient for Fun Museums, although the Zagreb’s Museums of Arts and Crafts has been doing similar […]


“A Suitcase Full of Stuff”

Things can be very fun when translated literally. In Croatia, the expression “pun kufer svega”, means something like “a suitcase  full of stuff”, when translated literally to English. The expression does not mean that you packed too many things in your suitcase, but of course, this is an idiomatic expression, usually used in the context […]