Albertina Museum Wien Temporary Exhibition

Let them know that you are Fun!

Vienna is not only a heritage city, but is also a city with heritage that is alive and ready for 21st century audiences. When I visited the Museum of Natural History┬áI found out ways how a traditional museum can become a fun institution. On the other hand, here is the Albertina Museum, known to be […]

Fun Museums

Museum of Natural History Vienna

Classical Choices articles are about those classically beautiful, famous, and large museums, full of secrets, stories and things to discover. These museums are also visited by many people and commonly known. As I love to visit these museums, I occasionally make little articles about them. I was in Vienna recently, not only to explore the […]

Conferences Creative Industries Europeana

Van Go Yourself

During the Europeana Creative Culture Jam, participants had the opportunity to meet many creative projects related to cultural heritage. One of them is VanGoYourself, an attempt to encourage people to revive the historical art images. This is potentially an ingredient for Fun Museums, although the Zagreb’s Museums of Arts and Crafts has been doing similar […]