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A room for polar winds

Freeeezzzing! Just like Lapland is supposed to be.

This chamber is designed to make visitors understand how the polar stream and winds work. It must be particularly interesting for summer visitors, who will experience fresh but not freezing temperatures. We traveled to Lapland and Rovaniemi in the winter, so the outside temperature was lower that the one we could experience in the simulator. However, once we entered into the Arktikum Museum, we took our jackets off, so we still had this unique opportunity to feel frozen. There is an ice block in the middle (picture below), that changes with winds and streams. It’s frooozen.


Just to compare, this was the moment when my travel team enjoyed the temperatures of -24 degrees celsius, in the heart of Lapland (Inari), at about 12:30 pm. The picture was enhanced in Photoshop to get more exposure, but the times in December were dark.

6 amazing discoveries in finland - travel team

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