A Ship from the Fairy Tales

Inspired by the posts about Railways and their fans, I remembered about another emblematic transportation topic that impressed me a lot during my three-weeks long trip to Scandinavia, 9 years ago. I can say that it was the most fun discovery I had on that Continue Reading

On the Train Station

A museum, an exhibition space, situated on a train station. Sometimes the best travel experiences are in the little details we can find along the way. These things are more than just pieces of heritage or art, they are pure discovery. This post is a Continue Reading

Fake Branded Fashion in a Museum

Maybe you would really love to have one of those branded handbags whose price never goes bellow 1000 euros. Getting a Rolex or Cartier is an amazing feeling, and you also need a pair of famous shoes or glamorous sunglasses. Can you afford it? Hmm… Continue Reading

This was supposed to be a perpetual motion machine.

Perpetual Motion. In Latin, Perpetuum Mobile. Before some modern scientific discoveries, there were many attempts to create a machine which works without any power sources. In the late XIX century in Finland, there was a guy the history doesn’t know a lot about, but it’s Continue Reading

Museums, when you less expect them :)

Personally, I think that museums are not necessarily only officially recognised institutions. Wealthy families of the XVI/XVII centuries liked to have their own wunderkammers. Today we all like the open air attractions. This is something you see during a road trip, and it makes you stop Continue Reading

Historical Imagination

The title of this article could also be “Creative Industries in service of Heritage Interpretation”, but it would be too academic approach. Let’s continue with the Fun Museums! movement, using terms and expressions that remind us that museums are fun. Croatia has more than 1.000 islands, more Continue Reading

Open Air History Alive

We all have at least some idea about how the contemporary summer music festivals make trends. Usually these summer festival last for 5, 6 or 7 days, are held on a beach or next to a lake, many times there is a special campsite for Continue Reading

Arts and Crafts

In the 19th century, the Arts and Crafts movement made a kind of revolution in England, provoking later the Art Nouveau movement along with the Vienna’s Secession, which leaded to the creation of the Bauhaus school of applied arts. But this is just the narrow Continue Reading