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You are currently looking at the Fun Museums blog. “Fun Museums” is a travel blog specialized in heritage & culture travel. The content is oriented on describing individual museums, city breaks and tours, while it’s also focused on behind the scenes stories, heritage-related creative industries and travels suggestion topics.

The Identity

The blog’s identity was defined in January 2017 and it shows the core values that the founder promotes on her social media sites – a human-art-nature interaction, with a sustainable approach. She chose the form of meander to be the theme since this form comes from the rivers that draw lines within nature and it was also used in arts since the prehistory as an ornament.

Pajaro River Meander
Pajaro River Meander – Photo by Jitze Couperus on Flickr


Image from page 90 of Pauli Maccii Emblemata -1628
Image from page 90 of Pauli Maccii Emblemata (1628) – notice the form of the river?


Demon Wandschildering, Fragment Europeana
Demon Wandschildering, Fragment – notice the decoration on the top?

So, here it comes…

fun museums about page

This is a professional blog run by an individual and it currently makes no direct profit. The owner and founder, Lana, is employed in a communication agency and provides various services to clients, from website concepts to social media strategies.