Frankly I didn’t know what title to give to this page. Is the Fun Museums a project or a movement? I think it’s neither of that. It’s just my opinion that museums are (often) fun, or that museums provide emotional experiences.

Touriseum - Museum of Tourism, Merano, Italy
Are museums beautiful? I say it all depends on lighting design.

This is a mindset rather than a movement, a modus operandi and not a project. Is this my manifesto? Maybe, if you want to call it like that.

Zagreb City Museum
A key historical document from the history of the city of Zagreb. Zagreb City Museum.

1.There is no space for words such as “elegant”, “smart”, “intellectual”, “old school”, or “elite” when describing museums. Museums are inclusive and everyone should feel welcome visiting them.

2.Emotions are universal and so are museum experiences. Maybe some stories museums have to interpret are not fun in terms of entertainment (many of them aren’t) however they stand as emotional triggers and it makes museums special.

3.Museums have the obligation to support social improvement and sustainable development through their activities, temporary exhibitions, and interpretation of their items.

4.No museum is better than the other museum. There are museums that manage to be more appealing to audiences and subsequently easier to discover. I must admit I visit that kind of museums more likely. However, there are equally interesting museums which are not managed or promoted well enough, so even I may not find them or feel like visiting them.

5.I don’t “love museums”. There are some particular museums I love, but when talking about museums in general – I can say I’m interested in museums and enthusiastic about their collections, stories, potential.

Pssst! There is a new set of ideas proposed by the ICOM as the guidelines to the definition of museums! 

6.If I criticise a museum, I don’t criticise people who work there. In most cases it’s not their fault, as they do their best. I can criticise mindsets, but it is also never directed to individuals who have that mindset, because having a poor mindset is also likely not their fault. 

7.Political correctness. I don’t pretend to know the best balance between extreme political correctness and political incorrectness. My main goals is to say what I feel that needs to be said, or what some other people said and I think it’s worth sharing. If you disagree with anything I say, contact me first, and explain why. Don’t tell me “you must be____ because you said___” or something like that, because I will ignore you.

8.The best way to ask me questions or talk about ideas with me is by Tweeting me. Find me on Twitter @LanaPajdas, and let’s talk.

9.I think that too many people procrastinate their decisions to visit museums. Instead of feeling that they can just come to a museum and enjoy, they feel like it requires some preparation. To understand my point better, please check the number 1 again. 

10.I don’t buy into any hype. Hype in the world of museums doesn’t help anyone.

…and bonus, what I think about social media & museums thing:

That’s it. Happy Fun Museum-ing!